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Its looking better to find a project & build to the max, than a new build with the added inspections & cost of NHBC & their 7/8 visits.
But check about the pros & cons with a loss of an approximate  10,000 vat reclaim on a new build ?.
Check on any disabled requirements needed to comply with new regs.
Handy links.
Good self build info
Self build with handy info
Temp accommodation
Great design & idea's site

All + Vat & labour (sub-con)
(Minus 17.50% vat Reclaim?)

Ball park on prices
Self building a House idea's & a break down of cost's for January 2010.
Just a site for getting down some price's idea's & some ball park figures on a self build house project. Feel welcome to look through for idea's that might help your own project. If you see short comings on my side of things, please fell free to let me know via the contact us page. PS. (Excuse the Google adds, but it can give some good idea's) 
Can you self build a green economically?
The main aim is to source information & idea's for a low cost house build with lots of energy saving & green type products, mainly to enable low running costs in the long term & keep the local planning authority's happy. Now! I must admit that i am not particularly the most green of people, but i naturally want very low quarterly service bills.
Now its at this point i get a little frustrated at a lot of over priced ways of saving energy with things like solar, wind & other forms of energy production. Now don't get me wrong & i am most certainly not missing the point, i think a lot of it is a great if you live in a hot sunny climate or a very windy area or have a river at the bottom of the garden or even  the facility's to drill or dig a 100 meter hole or trench for heat recovery. (but at the moment, i & many others don't!)
Can you can self build a green house, but at what price.
Yes! You can build a green house, but at what price. With many of the above items comes at at an expense that i am not sure is viable just yet!
I am sorry to say, that to fit a half decent solar water heater for a 50 gallon tank & a 2kw set of photo electric cells all in at around 15000 is fine if you have the spare cash. Even with a 2500 grant available until April 2010, the pay back time will still be around 12-15 years, with a good chance of needing a replacement parts before then. Now! not many people pushing these wonderful ideas ever seem to think that the average working family its going to put in one hell of a lot of extra work to save up this 15,000 or even worse that they go out a borrow it from somewhere like a bank & raise this sum of money to somewhere nearer the 22,000 with added interest. This means the family has to now do lots of extra work which is going to create more of a greenhouse effect depending on there occupation. They would be far better off just sorting the house to use a lot less energy. Even programs on TV are starting to admit that small energy saving projects are not the best way at the moment, even with any grants. It seems community projects on a slightly larger scale are far more viable.
So! I am looking at many of the alternatives to creating a cheap to run home with building very thermally efficient house to help use the minimum amount of power in the first place. We will also  aim to closely monitor all gas & electric power consumption so we can see & adjust our living style to help conservation . This will mainly be done by sourcing  existing technologies & adapting idea's that are used for other applications that will accommodate the house's needs.
Monitoring energy consumption in a self build house.
There are more & more devices coming on to the market to monitor your gas water & electric consumption. Many! Like the electric monitors of these are not that accurate & can be up to 15% out on the readings mainly because they don't take a voltage reading to do the equations. (but! admittedly this saves the public messing with electricity)  These will at least they give you a ball park figure to work on.
Couple of place's that has taken this quite a step forward in monitoring the home  is the Wired site in the Netherlands & this site Digit's on line home , both with some good info on data collecting & some interesting ways to collect the data. Both are worth a visit.